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Nivea Product Samples

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skin care

Nivea has promotion where they are teaming up with big brothers and big sisters to raise awareness about their mission. Once you watch the short video you can get a sample of one of 4 great items. These items include: Nivea Shave Gel, Nivea Lotion, Eucerin Lotion or Aquaphor lip balm. Choose which sample you'd like most.

Also, be sure to get yourself the LaCoste Cologne Samples.

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Free Custom Pens

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National Pen is giving away custom engraved flashlight pen combo. No purchase is necessary to get yourself this great flashlight pen. You will need to enter the business name where you work or where you'd like to work for the engraving. This is a really cool freebie and I can't wait to get my flashlight.

Be sure to enter a phone number in the following format: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Check out these free diaper samples.

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Free Wooden Cooking Spoon

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Free Wooden Cooking Spoon

Tuttorosso Tomatoes has a promotion where they are giving out wooden cooking spoons to lucky fans of their Facebook page. These are high quality wooden spoons to be sure you are using only the best in your kitchen. Enter today to get yourself a great new wooden cooking spoon.

Also, enter to win these 3M Command Strips.

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Free 3M Command Strips

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Command Strips

3M has a promotion where they will be giving away Command Strips. These are the wall hooks that are easily removable. Get your rooms organized with a few of these. They are perfect for hanging keys, bags, photos and much more. Plus you don't have to put holes in your walls. You can't get any better than that.

Also, get the face cleanser samples that are available.

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Quest Protein Bars

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Quest Nutrition has samples of their nutrition and protein bars available to those interested. These are great ways to give your body the needed protein after a workout or to keep you full for a meal replacement. Protein bars can be great meals on the go. Try out the Quest bars for yourself to see.

There is also an arthritis knee pain guide available.

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Sensodyne Toothpaste Samples

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Sensodyne Samples

Get yourself a sample of Sensodyne toothpaste. This toothpaste is designed to help reduce your sensitivity to hot and cold items. If you or someone in you family has sensitive teeth then this is a great freebie for you. Any toothpaste is really nice to have just for those days when your almost out and don't have time to run to the store.

A Costco ID is required. A random 12-digit number tends to work as well.

Don't miss the perfume samples that are also available.

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College Football License Plate

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College Football License Plate

Hyundai has another promotion where they are giving out college football team license plate holders. Choose from one of many football teams that are available. These are great for showing school spirit and can be a great present to a football fan. You need a dealer code to be able to get this free plate holder. You can get one by looking at the number right after your zip code (ie. 90210/CA322/) in the URL of the Hyundai website. Here are a few codes you can use as well.

California - CA322

Texas - TX131

Florida -  FL081

There are also Breathe Right nose strip samples available.

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Breathe Right Advanced Strips

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Breathe Right Advanced Strips

Breathe Right has a free sample of their advanced strips. Try these great nose strips if you have trouble breathing at night or have a partner that snores. These nose strips stick to the outside of your nose and gently pull open your nostrils. Breathe Right strips work great if you are suffering from a cold or allergy, have a deviated septum, or have trouble with snoring. Request your free Breathe Right Strips today.

Be sure you also get the free toothpaste samples.

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Free Pillsbury Recipe Calendar

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Free Pillsbury Recipe Calendar

Pillsbury has the 2015 Calendar that has just come out. Get yourself this calendar or get it for the cook in your house as a gift for their stocking. They have some great products and amazing recipes to go with the products. Get yours while they are available.

Must be an existing member, you can become a member here. Then you will be eligible for future promotions.

Also, get these face cleansing wipes that are available.

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New Pantene Pro-V Shampoo Samples

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Pantene Pro-V Shampoo Samples

Pantene has samples of their Smooth and Sleek line of shampoos and conditioners. These great products can help reduce the amount of frizz in any type of weather. If you have frizzy hair and need something to help manage it then this is a must try. Hurry in while they are available.

Check out these free baby sample packs that are available.

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