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Free Silk Effects Razor

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Save $4.00 on any one (1) Schick Hydro Silk® Disposable Pack

Get a free Silk Effects Razor from Schick with this coupon that saves you $4 at the register. Head into your local Walmart and find this razor which should be priced at $3.98. These are great razors which will leave your skin smooth and without any cuts or burns. Try it out for yourself before you spend any of your own money.

Don't miss the pet food samples that you can get as well.

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Lipton Tea K-Cups

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New Lipton Energy Tea

Get yourself a sample of Lipton's new natural energy tea that they have available. This is a great tea that will help you around miday at work to stay focused and going. Plus it is a Lipton Black Tea, so you know it will taste great. Try it for yourself while the samples are available.

You need to watch the 1 minute video to access the samples.

There are also skin care samples available.

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Free Window Safety Kit

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window covering

If you have or know someone with children, then you can order this window cord safety kit. This kit is designed to prevent accidents when children play with the cord on window blinds. Help protect your family by requesting one of these samples. Once you add what you want to the cart, click go on the left side of the page.

There is also an arthritis knee pain guide available.

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New Nivea Hydrating Lotion

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New Nivea Hydrating Lotion

Self magazing and Nivea are teaming up to give out samples of their Skin Firming Hydration lotion. Nivea is a very good skin care company that has products that you will love. Try them out with this great sample to see if you are a fan of their products.

Don't miss the dishwasher detergent samples that are also available.

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New Finish Dish Detergent

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New Finish Dish Detergent

Finish has samples of their all-in-one dish detergent, Quantum. Finish is known for their Jet Dry dishwasher additive that keeps your dishes sparkling. They have also entered the detergent world and have a wonderful product. Request your samples while you can.

Also, grab a nose strip sample while it's available.

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Breathe Right Advanced Strips

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Breathe Right has a free sample of their advanced strips. Try these great nose strips if you have trouble breathing at night or have a partner that snores. These nose strips stick to the outside of your nose and gently pull open your nostrils. Breathe Right strips work great if you are suffering from a cold or allergy, have a deviated septum, or have trouble with snoring. Request your free Breathe Right Strips today.

Be sure to get the fruit snack bars that are available.

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Eight Hour Energy Patch

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Eight Hour Energy Patch

The famous 8 hour energy has a new product that is even better than their first. Rather than needing to drink a very bad tasting drink, now you just place a patch on your sholder for the same effects. Get yourself one of these patches to see if it can keep you awake during those tough days.

Also, be sure to get one of these face cleansing solution samples.

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Free Anti-Slip Plate

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Get this free tread plate to add grip to any slipper area of your house. These are metal tread plates that will help your shoes grip and area and prevent slipping whether your feet are wet or dry. Check out these samples while they are available.

Be sure you also get the free fragrance samples that are available.

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Cocoa Butter Lotion

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Cocoa Butter Lotion

Cocoa butter lotions are great because they moisturize the skin with natural ingredients. These lotions also do very well on sensitive skins. If you've been in the sun then cocoa butter is the perfect lotion to help you bronze and not peel. Hurry in and get these samples while you they are available.

Also, get this Escada Joyful perfume sample.

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New Nivea Lotion Samples

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skin care

Nivea has new samples of their Smooth Sensation or Extended Moisture lotions available for you to try. If you know that you rarely remember to put on lotion then the extended moisture could be right up your alley. The Smooth Sensation lotion is a Shea butter lotion that is simply amazing. Try the one that you think is best for you.

Don't miss out on the free custom pen samples that are also available.

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