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John Frieda Hair Care

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John Frieda Hair Care

John Frieda has samples of their Luxurious Volume shampoo and conditioner available. These are salon quality products that you can try out in your house. See if you like the way this shampoo and conditioner make your hair feel. Then check stores to see if they are priced right for you.

Also, get a free Murad face cleanser.

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New Finish Dish Detergent

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Garnier Face Cleansers

Finish has samples of their all-in-one dish detergent, Quantum. Finish is known for their Jet Dry dishwasher additive that keeps your dishes sparkling. They have also entered the detergent world and have a wonderful product. Request your samples while you can.

Also, grab a John Frieda hair care sample while it's available.

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Klein Drill Bits

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ARe you handy or do you have a handyman around the house? Get yourself a free drill bit set from Klein Tools while they are available. This is a great set that anyone will a drill can appreciate. These also come in handy because they tend to be the first things missing in drill sets. Hurry in and request one for your house.

Their website is running a bit slow, please be patient and try again if it isn't working when you try.

Also, get a Aleve coupon to help save big.

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Free Challenge Butter

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Free Challenge Butter

Challenge Butter has an Easter promotion where they will be giving out samples of their butter. This is high quality butter that can have your cookies tasting better than ever. Get a free stick for your house while available.

Grab the moisturizing and tanning lotion that is also available.

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Suave Visible Glow Lotion

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Suave has a new self-tanning body lotion that they are promoting with samples to those interested. Head on in and try out this great product to get your tan going before spring is in full swing. This great lotion also moisturizes the skin. There are a limited number so hurry in and request yours.

Grab the Swarovski earrings that are also available.

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New Lipton Energy Tea

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Get yourself a sample of Lipton's new natural energy tea that they have available. This is a great tea that will help you around miday at work to stay focused and going. Plus it is a Lipton Black Tea, so you know it will taste great. Try it for yourself while the samples are available.

Start earning gifts for grocery shopping.

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Kotex U Tampons

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Kotex U has a promotion where you can try several different Kotex tampon or maxi pads. Kotex has great products that you can't be certain how well they work until you've tried them out. Hurry in and request your style preference while they are available.

Be sure you also enter to get the free samples gift packs that are available.

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Komodo Teriyaki Sauce

Free Household Products - Success Rate: 94.7% -

Komodo has samples of their Teriyaki sauce that can be used as a glaze, marinade or basting sauce.  This product is great for chicken, fish stir-fry and more.  Request your sample and see if you can get creative with an upcoming dinner.

Also, get yourself contact lens solution samples.

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Contact Lens Solution

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contact solution

Target and Bausch + Lomb are giving out samples of their Biotrue contact solution. These are good size samples that should easily last one month. Try it out to see if you like this solution more than your regular solution. This is a smaller bottle than normal so it can also be perfect in a purse for emergencies.

Don't miss these 2014 Flower Calendar that you can get.

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Free Laundry Detergent

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Free Laundry Detergent

Get yourself a sample of Olooy's all-natural laundry detergent. This new detergent is exclusively available at Walgreens. Try it out to see if it works as well as your normal detergent. This is an all-natural detergent so it will leave your cloths chemical free.

You must first sign up with Mom's Ambassadors here. Then request the sample here.

Also, grab a loose tea sample while it is available.

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