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Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

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Better Homes and Magazines

Get yourself some great home and garden ideas with a free subscription to Better Homes and Gardens. This magazine is loaded with design ideas and tips that are very useful. Start sprucing up your home to magazine standards all starting with this magazine.

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Free Comic Book and more

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welding info

Careers in welding has a promotion where you can get a free Ironman comic book, welding magazine and a DVD about various careers in welding. This is great for children or adults looking for a direction to go. Welding can be a great career with very high demand all around the US. Get your free comic book and other information while you can.

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Free Pillsbury Recipes

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Expand your home cookbooks with these great recipes from Pillsbury. Register with them to get a few great recipes and be eligible for free samples from Pillsbury. They have some amazing products and recipes designed by their Chefs are going to be great.

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Free Outdoor Life Magazine

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Free Outdoor Life Magazine

If you have a hunter, shooter, or outdoors-man in your life then grab this subscription to Outdoor Life magazine. You will be kept up to date on the latest gear available and get great tips for everything outdoorsy. Hurry in and get your subscription while you can.

There are also 2015 Beretta Calendars available.

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Free Kid-Friendly Recipe Booklet

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Free Kid-Friendly Recipe Booklet

Goose Berry Patch has a free Kid-Friendly Recipe booklet available. You can download or order this great recipe booklet for free. With over 30 fantastic recipes available mealtime will become a delight for kids. It also has fun helpful hints on how to get kids involved with the recipes.

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Perfectly Pinot Cookbook

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Perfectly Pinot Cookbook

J. Lohr is a very good wine that runs in the $15-20 range. They are promoting their brand with free cookbooks that feature recipes designed to be paired with J. Lohr Pinot Noir. If you love food and wine then you can impress your friends and family with a few of these recipes.

There are also supplement samples available.

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New Free Sunmaid Recipe Booklet

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Sunmaid just released their new recipe booklet “New Taste of Tradition.” It is filled with great recipes the whole family is sure to love. Simply fill a request to snag this freebie. Sunmaid’s “100th Anniversary Cookbook” is also still available for free. Select either free cookbook for free and enjoy these great recipes with your friends and family.

Also, grab the Diabetic snack guides that are available.

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Free Lamb Recipe Book

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Lamb Recipe Book

Have you wanted to cook lamb, but don't really have a good lamb recipe? Australian Lamb is giving away free Lamb Recipe books to those who are interested. This can also make a great gift to any of your friends who love to cook. Find tons of great recipes and new ways to cook lamb with this book.

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Italian Cookbooks

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Italian Cookbooks

Treat your family to a few new food dishes with this great Sicilian Italian recipe book. This recipe book not only has some great recipes but they add in wine pairings for each of the recipes. Look like a master chef in your kitchen with food recipes and matching wines.

There is also an Equate assurance sample available.

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Free Emerils Cookbook

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Click here to view and save an Emeril Cookbook. Emeril is celebrating 20 years of cooking and is giving this great cookbook away for free. Some sample recipes are Banana Cream Pie with Caramel Drizzles and Chocolate Sauce; Double Cut Pork Chop with Caramelized Sweet Potatoes, Tamarind Glaze and Green Chile Molé Sauce. Hurry and save a copy today.

This is a big .pdf file that may take a minute or two to download. There are a total of 32 pages to check out once it finishes though.

There are also Always Discreet pads available.

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